Schumann - Rat Race - DVD by Gary Schumann

Schumann – Rat Race – DVD by Gary Schumann


Teaches you everything you need to know about catching and putting up truck loads of muskrats. This DVD takes you through an entire season of rat trapping from opening day through late season under ice trapping. Filmed during the 2010/2011 season. During the filming of this DVD, Gary caught and put up over 2,400 rats under highly competitive conditions from other trappers and with a harsh, early winter.

Gary Schumann is well known in Michigan for his immense abilities to trap muskrats in all conditions for over 31 years. Over the past 20 years he has put more than 60,000 muskrat pelts onto the fur market. After giving several demonstrations on muskrat trapping over the years, Gary decided it was time to show everyone how he catches thousands of muskrats every year. In this video, Gary’s best kept secrets are shown. He has put his 31 years of experience into 2 hours and 30 minutes of film in an effort to give the average trapper the knowledge he or she needs to put up large numbers of rats.

This DVD shows preparation, scouting, the best traps and equipment to use, opening day setting, mid-season setting, late season setting, handling, open water trapping, under ice trapping and the marketing of muskrat pelts. With the prices of rats these days, this DVD is a tremendous opportunity for you to increase your rat catch.

2 hours & 30 minutes.