Book - Schmitt - Mega Mink Methods

Schmitt – Mega Mink Methods – Book by Gerald Schmitt


A state of the art book by one of the best mink trappers in the business. Fast, effective methods of taking the most mink in the shortest period of time. This book not only shows you what to do, it tells you what not to do. It covers both blind and baited sets with extensive coverage of the pocket set, and explodes many of the myths of mink trapping. This book picks up where most of the others leave off. Written in clear, easy to understand language by an author who has thousands of mink to his credit, with over two thousand mink trapped within a five year period. If you think you should be catching more mink, you’re probably right and this book will show you how. Some of the information in this book goes directly against what you may have heard or read before. The author has the mink and the miles behind him to back up what he says. He lets the chips fall where they may as he explains what real world trapline experience has taught him about mink. The information contained in this book will help anyone interested in improving their mink trapping ability; whether being a novice, professional, or anything in between. Mega Mink Methods is a complete guide to effective mink trapping.

71 pages.

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