Book - Mega Lining Mink and Coon Trapping - by Gerald Schmitt

Schmitt – Mega Lining Mink and Coon Trapping – Book by Gerald Schmitt


The Complete Pro System …

The comment I heard the most about my first book, Mega Mink Methods, is that trappers were excited to learn exactly what they needed to know to trap mink in numbers. They were appreciative that twenty different sets were not explained, when a couple of sets is all you need.

What was most gratifying to me was hearing from trappers that, after they used methods shown in my first book, they went out on THEIR TRAPLINE and increased THEIR CATCH. This is what led me to write the book you are looking at now, Mega Lining Mink and Coon Trapping. I want you to be able to take information in this book, and apply it to your own trapline to become a better trapper. This book shows you the best sets to use for mink and raccoon. But that is only the beginning! It explains in detail how to plan, set up, and operate a trapline for mink and raccoon that maximizes YOUR productivity. Exactly what you need to do, and equally important, what not to do. No matter what size trapline you run, if you use the information presented in this book, you will catch more animals.

The author, Gerald Schmitt, is a well-known longline mink and raccoon trapper from Minnesota. He has the trapping seasons, miles, and catch numbers behind him. In this book, he shares the methods and techniques he has used to become a successful trapper.

88 pages. Including Full Color Photos and Instructional Diagrams. 

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