Book - The Master Trapper Course - by Ralph Scherder

Scherder – The Master Trapper Course – by Ralph Scherder


Ever wish you could sit around a campfire with today’s top trappers and listen to their stories and knowledge gained from decades of running the ‘line? Imagine what could be learned from a single conversation! In essence, that’s what this book is all about. Here you’ll find plenty of stories from the trapline, but also several lifetimes worth of wisdom to help you become a more proficient trapper. Reading this book is like taking personal instruction from 12 of today’s best trappers!

Featuring …

  • Red O’Hearn
  • Joe Fennell
  • Ron Leggett
  • Don Powell
  • Austin Passamonte
  • Ed Schneider
  • Lesel Reuwsaat
  • Rusty Johnson
  • Jeff Dunnier
  • Scott Welch
  • Mark Zagger
  • Bob Noonan

“If you buy just one trapping book this year, this should be the one!”

96 Full Color Pages.  Copyright 2019