Predator Control Group - Federales - Coyote

Predator Control Group – Federales – Coyote, Fox & Bobcat Bait – 16 oz


Federales is based off of federal research. Some of it is smoked (not that fake smoke from the grocery store). It also is loaded with natural predator calling ingredients and oils that reach out and stops a coyote in his tracks. You will see digging and milling around your sets. Federales is penetrating and fills up the air around a dirt hole set or a sneaky flat set. This bait does not have skunk in it and it does not need skunk in it. Federales works well in the sleet, snow and freezing cold, but it also calls in coyotes all spring, summer, and fall. Big boar raccoon, grey fox, otter and red fox also give Federales a big thumbs up. Good stuff!