Pedersen - An Old Trapper's Lifetime In The Outdoors

Pedersen – An Old Trapper’s Lifetime In The Outdoors – by Slim Pedersen


An autobiography by Larry “Slim” Pedersen.

This is the amazing story of a trapping icon.  137 pages.

 “Living in close contact with nature, experiencing the best and some of the worst has been a wonderful life.” – Slim

 “In his 65 years, Slim Pedersen has experienced more of the outdoors than most will ever dream of. This book is a culmination of those years, shared in a very unselfish, modest way, typical of Slim. The generation of the western coyote men that Slim is a part of will one day be gone forever. An Old Trapper’s Lifetime in the Outdoors tells the story of that generation.” – Kyle Kaatz