O'Hearn - Coon Trapping - The Untold Story - Book

O’Hearn – Coon Trapping – The Untold Story – Book by Mike “Red” O’Hearn


A state of the art raccoon book by one of the best “coon men” in the country. Mike “Red” O’Hearn describes and shows the methods that he has used to trap over 1000 coon a season, for seven years running, with over 12,000 raccoons trapped in the last 11 years. His best season was 1650 raccoons. Learn fast, effective techniques to maximize your raccoon catch. Covers foot traps, body grippers in trails and buckets, and snares. Extensive coverage of raccoon habits. This book will change the way you think about raccoons. “Red” hails from Iowa, which has a lot of top-notch raccoon trappers, but “Red” is in a class of his own. Illustrated by Bob Noonan, Caanan, Maine. 92 pages.

by Mike “Red” O’Hearn