Micro Snare Lock - SL 156

Micro Snare Lock – SL 156 – 3/64″ and 1/16″


For 3/64″ and 1/16″ Cable

by The Snare Shop

The Micro Snare Lock is 13% shorter than a BMI Mini Lock. The Berkshire Sure Lock is 349% bigger than the Micro Lock. Thicker than either the BMI Mini Lock or the Berkshire style Sure Lock. All ends are rounded. Metal is thick and edges are smooth to prevent any gouging into the fur. Lock action is direct. Cable will not shift on the animal. Terminal end of cable rest in a slot rather than a hole to prevent binding. The slot design gives trappers the option of using a dispatch spring, J-Hook, release ferrule, S-Hook, or miniature steel end with the Micro Snare Lock. Plain finish – No shine. Can be dipped, dyed or painted.

The Micro Snare Lock is small and smooth for fox or bobcat, aggressive for coyote and fur friendly for raccoon.

Definitely the most fur friendly, coyote tough, smooth closing snare lock available.