KBL Quick Dye - Black

KBL Quick Dye – Black


Kaatz Bros. Lures proudly introduces this new cold dip.

Directions: Mix 3 parts unleaded gas with one part KBL Quick Dye to give traps or snares a rust resistant, odorless finish. Use white gas/Coleman Lantern Fuel for best results, if using gasoline use a higher octane. When using mineral spirits, mix 2 parts to one part KBL Quick Dye. Traps/snares should be degreased and allowed to rust slightly before dipping with KBL Quick Dye. Traps should be dipped (for 20-30 seconds) and hung to dry in warm weather (65 degrees or warmer). KBL Quick Dye will coat best during hot days.

One quart will dye about 2 dozen small traps (#1 longsprings, #110 body grips) or 1 dozen larger traps (MB-750, #330 body grips).