Kellen's Gold Label Coyote Bait

Kaatz – Kellen’s Gold Label Coyote Bait


Kellen’s Gold Label Coyote Bait is the first bait to be made using fox meat. This unique base sets this bait apart from more traditional coyote baits. The attractiveness of fox meat to coyotes has mostly been overlooked for decades. Government trappers in the 1930s often used fox (and coyote) meat as a bait base for coyotes.

Ground, mildly aged, and preserved fox meat serves as the base with a couple added ingredients to make Kellen’s Gold Label Coyote Bait an excellent coyote attractant. Can be used all season long. Will shine in the bottom of a dirthole, but can also be used at flat sets for something different for those old coyotes that might hang up at traditional smells.

In the years to come, Kellen’s Gold Label Coyote Bait is sure to become a standard in coyote trapping!