KO Trap Double Jaw

K.O. #1.5 Coilspring Trap – Double Jaw


Made by Kendall Obermier of NO BS Lures

A True Coon & Mink Man’s Trap. Built for strength!

It is the strongest and heaviest coilspring on the market.

  • Heavy 3/16” Frame
  • 1/8” Cross Frame
  • Welded Frame – NOT Riveted Like Most
  • Pan Stop
  • Wicked K.O. #2 Springs – Smaller than Music Wire Springs, but Stronger.
  • Heavy Duty 1/8” Jaw Levers
  • Jaws and Levers are Heat Treated for Strength
  • Heavy Duty #14 Gauge Large Pan
  • Extra Heavy Chain with Two Heavy Duty Swivels
  • Heavy Duty Dog that is Rounded and Deburred
  • Coated with a Very Durable Finish – Coating is a water-based dip that is heated and cured on. Much more effective than powder coating.