Freedom Brand DP Coon Trap FB1

Freedom Brand Dog Proof Raccoon Trap FB1


Loaded with innovative features. The full back plate and quick set design make setting this trap fast, comfortable and easy without the need to reach down with your fingers to insert a dog into a trigger notch while spring wires are digging into your hands. Simply squeeze the back plate quickly to compress the strong music wire springs and the FB DP trap automatically sets. Or, squeeze the back plate more slowly and simply move your index finger a short distance to push the dog down and the trap is set. Can also be set by placing it on the ground and stepping on the back plate or pushing the back plate down with your hand.

The innovative trigger and dog design of the Freedom Brand Dog Proof Raccoon Trap allows the trap to fire when the trigger is pulled up or pushed down. And, the innovative staking system allows you to set the FB DP Trap anywhere.

Made in U.S.A.