Flake Wax - 45 Pound Box

Flake Wax – 45 Pounds


Make Your Own Weatherproof Trap Bedding Dirt … Beat Mother Nature!

With our odorless flake wax, you can make your own weatherproof dirt easily and economically. No more frozen in traps. No more rebedding after a rain, snow, or ice melt. Trap stabilization is no problem with waxed dirt. Two pounds of this wax will treat three gallons of dirt. Dirt treated with this wax won’t rust your traps, will be waterproof and freeze-proof, as well as free from foreign odors. Traps bedded in treated dirt will function in any weather condition – rain, snow, rain-freeze, thaw-freeze, etc. Flake wax is ready to mix with your dirt. It absorbs by capillary action evenly throughout the soil coating each grain of dirt. In laboratory tests this wax tested over 200 times as odorless as beeswax, over 28 times as odorless as Exxon paraffin, and over 8 times as odorless as Gulf paraffin. Depending on your soil, it will take from 1/2 pound to 3/4 pound of flake wax to treat one gallon of dirt. Complete directions for solar, oven, and heat lamp heating methods are included with each order.

Please Note: We can not ship flake wax when the temperature is 90 degrees or above either here or at your location. At 90 degrees outside, temperatures can reach over 130 degrees inside a closed truck or trailer. Since our flake wax melts at 128 degrees, that is more than enough to melt the wax.

45 Pound Box