Finned Super Stake with 18" Cable

Finned Super Stake with 18″ Cable


Added fins for double the holding power of the Original Fox Hollow Super Stake for use in loose soil, plowed fields, dry sand, extremely wet soil, stream and lake banks and bottoms, etc. Also added a Retrieval Boss for pulling the stake. Electro Galvanized to retard rust. (Makes cleaning out the driving hole a little easier.) When using a retrieving wire or cable for land trapping – keep the top of the wire at least two inches below the trap bed to prevent interference with the trap. 1/4” Boss holes will accept 3/16” S-hooks for chain or up to 3/16” cable.

One-Piece Precision Cast Malleable Steel

No Welds to Break!

With 18″ of 1/8″ 7 x 7 Cable (NO Swivels)