Book - Perfect Sets - by Rich Faler

Faler – Perfect Sets – by Rich Faler


Bedding, Blending & Weatherproofing

Decades in the making, here’s the answer to the most asked questions by trappers year after year… how to solidly bed in different soils, how to conceal your trap from the furbearer, and how to weatherproof under a wide range of conditions with many methods. Perfect Sets covers these critical components in depth. Many full-color photos. Perfect Sets is the answer to upping your trapping success.

128 Full Color Pages!  Copyright 2019

Rich Faler has trapped Maine black bear, Florida bobcat and otter, Hawaii mongoose, and most other furbearers from weasel to coyote. He is editor of the American Trapper, The Wisconsin Trapper, and PA Outdoor Journal, and past editor of Trapper and Predator Caller.