Book - Crawford - Canine Trapper's Encyclopedia - Hard Cover

Crawford – Canine Trappers Encyclopedia – Hard Cover – by John W. Crawford


The Canine Trapper’s Encyclopedia is the newest authority on canine trapping. This 310 page book covers red fox, gray fox, coyote and wolf in an easy to read, down to earth fashion. With over 30 years experience, John W. Crawford explains every aspect of canine trapping, covering all topics in this book.

310 pages, 200 pictures.


  • Red Fox, Gray Fox, Coyote, and Wolf
  • Sets and Traps
  • Locations, Road Trapping, and Gang Setting
  • Freeze Proofing and Snow Sets
  • The Hay Set
  • Iowa Fox Studies
  • Cold Rolling
  • Lures and Baits
  • Canine Trapping Essentials
  • Interviews with Top Wolf Trappers
  • And Much, Much More…