Bridger # 150 Body Gripper Trap - Magnum

Bridger # 150 Body Gripper Trap – Magnum


Target Species: mink and muskrat

  • Single Spring
  • Jaw Spread: 5” x 5”
  • Chain: 14” of #2 Twin Loop Chain (16 total links)
  • Trap Ring at end of Chain
  • Total Chain Length: 15-1/2” including Trap Ring
  • Weight: .87 pounds

The single spring has a small spring eye to keep the jaws closed tight when the trap is fired. A perfect trap where a slightly larger trap is needed for a muskrat run or mink trail set. An excellent dog and trigger that provides a nice crisp fire.

“Magnum” style jaws. Heat treated springs for added strength and extended life.