Blackie - Power Putty (4 Oz)

Blackie – Power Putty (4 oz)


Ever had a set where a proper lure holder was non-existent? You know, a bridge abutment, inside the lip of a steel or concrete culvert, or maybe a no-bark water slicked log jam or any number of places your liquid lure makes a fast exit on you… we all have everyday. Power Putty is tailor made for vertical structures and difficult overhead situations. Put up in our exclusive weatherproof base (same as Magnum Call & Tail Slapper). Just give it a smear. Bare, hard banks, under-cut root systems, “PP” is your ticket to speed and efficiency. Deep heavy crustacean- type odor.

Available only in 4 ounce widemouth jar.

(bridge abutments, buckets, culverts, root systems, etc.)