Berkshire Disposable Stake - Standard - with Cable

Berkshire Disposable Stake – Standard – with 15″ Cable


Standard – Size 3/4″  X  2-1/2″

Economical, Easy and Lightweight!

Compare this Earth Anchor System to other manufacturer’s:

  • Least expensive, lightest, easiest staking system on the market.
  • Can be used on all sizes and types of traps, perfect for snares.
  • No special driver needed. Any pointed 3/8” stake can be used.
  • Will not get stuck on the driver, like many other systems do.
  • Because of flat design, they hold better than round pipe type.
  • Can be used with either trap wire or cable.
  • Can be used in most soil types, on either dry land or water.
  • Has no weld that can break. Can be used over again.