Battle Born Trap Cleaner

Battle Born Trap Cleaner


BATTLE BORN removes a wide variety of Films, Paints, Soils, Wax, Rust, and Dyes. Does not pit or cause your traps to become brittle or otherwise adversely affect metals. Protects and conditions metal for long service life. Non-acid, no specially lined tubs or containers required for solutions. Do not use on non-ferrous metals such as aluminum. Use in well ventilated area. One pound of BATTLE BORN will treat approximately 5 gallons of water, and can clean up to 5 dozen traps depending on size and condition of traps.

Directions: Put traps and powder in water prior to heating. Bring to a low boil or simmer. Wash traps in solution for 15-20 minutes. Skim wax and oil off the surface. After pulling traps from solution, rinse with water after traps have cooled. Wear gloves and protective eye wear.

Made in USA.

One Pound Jar