Pigeon Trap

  • Pigeon Trap - Harvester

    36” length x 24” width x 10” height. Weight 13 pounds.

    Floor is constructed with 1/2” x 1/2” galvanized after weld for easy walking for birds without getting their feet stuck. The cage is constructed of 1” x 1” galvanized welded wire.

    Clean-out door on the top center of the trap that is hinged allowing for easy baiting and bird removal. Don’t forget to latch the top door after placing trap.

    All edges have been smoothed to prevent small cuts while handling the trap.

    Two trap doors, one on each end, with easy hinged access allowing the capture of pigeons. Sparrows can come and go as they please and won’t be trapped.

    Place small grain bait inside the cage by the doors and inside the bait pan placed in the center of trap. Place trap near common feeding locations for pigeons or inside their roosting areas.

    Manufactured in the USA by Bud’s Trap Co. (New Ulm, MN)


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