Mouse Traps and Rat Traps

  • Trap - Victor Rat M205

    Victor “Easy Set” Rat Trap is the original wood-based wire snap trap. Provides instant rodent control and is safe for household use. Each trap comes pre-baited with a large scented plastic swiss cheese trip pedal. The large pedal of this rat trap is easily activated – both by rodent interest in food and through accidental contact as animal scampers across it. Perfect for use anywhere.

    Works great for weasels and chipmunks.

    “The Old Standby”. The same great trap with an oversize plastic pan / trigger.


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  • Blackhole Trap

    The Original Blackhole – for Gophers / Rats / Moles.

    Easy to Set

    No Poison

    Safe, Fast, Effective

    Place in a tunnel or runway where rodents are traveling. They will go right in the “”Blackhole”.

    Since 1985.


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  • Tin Cat Mouse Trap Victor

    Continues catching mice with no need to bait or reset. Catches up to 30 mice, yet is small enough to be placed under skids and counters and between rafters where other repeating traps won’t fit. Can’t poison children or pets.


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  • Victor Easy Set Mouse Trap

    These traps are prebaited, easy to set. Positioned with the oversize “cheese” trigger facing the wall, they fire when a hungry mouse steps on the trigger, which is adjustable for firm or sensitive settings.


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