Mole Traps

  • Blackhole Trap

    The Original Blackhole – for Gophers / Rats / Moles.

    Easy to Set

    No Poison

    Safe, Fast, Effective

    Place in a tunnel or runway where rodents are traveling. They will go right in the “”Blackhole”.

    Since 1985.


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  • Cinch Mole Trap

    Open the mole tunnel and place two traps, set in opposite directions. It is not necessary to cover the opening unless you are concerned with pets or other interference. When the mole returns to investigate the disturbed tunnel area, he will activate the trigger and the jaws will close around his middle.


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  • Easy Set Mole Eliminator Trap

    One of the most effective mole control devices available and it is safe around children and pets. Mole Eliminator is easy to use: position over the mole tunnel and step down on the lever of the trap and it is set and ready to go. Complete operating instructions come with each trap.


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  • Nash Choker Loop Mole Trap

    Works for moles coming in either direction. Kills moles cleanly and quickly without bait. Moving parts underground safely away from children and pets.

    Galvanized Spring-Steel Construction.

    Size 9″ x 5″ Wide Base. 6-1/2″ High.

    Made in USA. Traps are Hand Assembled and Tested.


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  • Spear Type Mole Trap

    The most effective mole trap ever. Just flatten section of tunnel, position trap over tunnel and the mole does the rest. This is the trap used by most of the major pest control companies in the U.S.


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