Coilspring Traps - TS-85 Beaver Trap

  • TS-85 Beaver Trap

    Designed and manufactured by Minnesota trapper Tim Sawatzky. Tim has over 50 years of trapping experience and experience in the manufacturing business. The TS–85 Beaver Trap is revolutionary in it’s simplicity.

    • Features an 8-1/2 inch jaw spread
    • Heavy .185” thick custom made music wire springs
    • Fully adjustable pan both for tension and travel
    • Heavy 3/8” welded baseplate
    • Riveted jaws
    • Offers superior holding power by the special curvature built into the jaws, which allow the levers to lock in as the trap closes.
    • Comes complete with 8” of HD TS–85 Chain and two Crunchproof swivels.
    • With the dogless design you’ll never again have to worry about bent dogs or trigger rods.


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  • TS-85 Trap Setter (Pair)

    These setters are custom made for the TS-85 Beaver Trap.

    Heavy duty and made in the USA.

    Painted orange for easy visibility.


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