Foothold Support - Mounting Brackets

  • HAGz Bracket

    The HAGz Bracket is a Multi-Use device originally designed for the water trapper. It can stabilize virtually any foothold trap, anywhere you mount it, plus it’s a stake swivel and slide lock all in one!

    The HAGz Bracket unleashes new setting opportunities, improves efficiency and reduces overall costs. When combined with the HAGz Spring Clip (sold separately), trappers can stabilize Body Grip Traps, providing all the same benefits of the HAGz Bracket and Footholds, with Body Grip Traps as well.

    • Uses your Trap’s Frame End inserted into one of the appropriate slots to stabilize your trap.
    • Always Attached to Trap! Never lose or forget it.
    • Can be used as an adjustable height set on 3/8″ rods.
    • Can be attached horizontal or vertical to virtually any object (Stick, Bamboo, Stake, Log, Rock, Float, etc.)
    • Can be welded to a Stake or Lag Bolt.
    • Multiple holes and slots for securing with Wire, Screws, Nails, etc.
    • Small and non-intrusive, weighs roughly 3 oz.

    Trap Lighter, Faster, More Efficient and Open yourself up to more sets by putting a HAGz Bracket on your trap.


    Fits most #1.5 and smaller coil and long spring traps. Larger traps can still work but some minor filing may be required.


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  • HAGz Spring Clip

    The HAGz Spring Clip is a simple, non-intrusive device, originally designed for the water trapper using 160’s and smaller.

    The HAGz Bracket + HAGz Spring Clip (sold separately) provide for all the Body Grip setting opportunities as the Bracket and foothold traps.

    Simply attach the HAGz Bracket and insert the HAGz Spring Clip between the spring coils. It’s always there when you need it.

    • Always Attached to your Trap! Never lose it or forget it.
    • Unleashes new setting opportunities.
    • Fast and Efficient. No need to find the “perfect” stick that the spring eye will fit over.
    • Small and non-intrusive, weighs roughly 1 oz and doesn’t restrict the use of the spring eye.



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  • The Hangman

    Attaches quickly to a 3/8 rod and easily adjusts up or down with a twist of the wing nut. Once the trap fires, it falls off the hangman for a quick humane dispatch.


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  • Rat Clip - Sudden Valley

    6″ Muskrat Trap Clips.

    Use on 3/8” fiberglass poles. (Poles Not Included.) Quickly adjustable, just squeeze the legs together, adjust, and let go – It locks into place. Fits outside the coils and under the levers, holding the trap securely in place until fired.

    Will fit #1, #1-1/2, #1.75, #2 coils and also jump traps.

    Manufactured by Sudden Valley Supply


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