Snare Swivels and Washers

  • Snare Swivels

    Fits 1/16″ or 5/64″ or 3/32″ or 1/8″

    #9 gauge Snare Swivels are the strongest, best swiveling snare swivel made in the USA. Easily fits on ½” rebar stakes. Specially designed to improve swivel action by the cable and on a stake.

    Snare Swivel Washer recommended on 1/16”.


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  • Snare Swivel Tool G-3 Pro

    A must have tool for the longline snare man.

    A heavy duty tool to make professional wire snare swivels and wammies. Comes complete with instructions, forming tools, and our unique “power bending tip” which uses your variable speed electric or battery drill to operate and do the work. No clumsy slow hand crank as with other similar tools. Use 11 gauge wire to make swivels that fit up to 1/8” cable. Turn out hundreds of swivels fast and for just pennies each.

    Made by Jim Gough (Iowa Contract Services)


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  • Snare Washer

    Used to help keep swivel from binding. A must to keep snares swiveling properly.


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