Body Grip Safety

  • Safety Gripper

    With this inexpensive spring loaded, sliding-sleeve device, any body gripper set, even a log set under water, can be made with confidence. In case of accidental firing, the Safety Gripper grabs and holds the jaws. Fits all sizes of body gripper traps. Set your body gripper traps with complete safety, set and adjust trigger, then remove Safety Gripper and your trap is ready to work.


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  • Square Safety Gripper

    Shaft is square so both hooks are always aligned well. Painted in red so it is easier to find in the snow or in the water.


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  • Body Grip Chain Safety Setter


    This tool will save time and space.

    Will set body traps from 110s to 330s with one hand.

    Great Safety Device – Keep in your pocket. This tool is really useful if one of your hands remain taken in the trap because it can be used with only one hand.


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  • Super Safeties

    For #280 and #330 Size Traps. No more interference with trap jaws, tangled messes, or lost animals due to the safety accidentally flopping onto the trap spring – these stay in place for ease and safety! These excellent safeties are easily installed with a bench vise or a pair of vice grip pliers. Once you see how much time and fur they save, you’ll wonder how you ever trapped without them.


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