• Metal Sifter

    With Diamond Cut Screen. Fox and Coyote Trappers, this is for you. Size 8 inches wide, 10 inches long, and 2-1/4 inches deep. Also very good for dirt mink sets.


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  • Wood Sifter

    Removes rocks and lumps when making land sets. Size 7 inches wide, 9 inches long, and 2 inches deep (outside dimensions).


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  • Mega Sifter

    This heavy-duty sifter is built to take the use and abuse of the professional land trapper or the part-timer running a few sets. If you are tired of buying a new sifter every season, take a look at the Mega Sifter. Professionally welded, it features an expanded metal bottom with a diamond pattern 1/4” x 3/4”. This may be larger than what you have used in the past, but this larger screen will give you a more natural, rougher looking pattern over your trap. It has the added advantage of not clogging, like the small mesh screens do in damp soils. The 14 gauge solid metal sides measure 8” x 7”. The height of the sidewalls is 2-1/2”. One of the long sides is angled outwards, so it is easy to scrape up a sifter full of dirt. Solidly constructed, this quality tool will last a lifetime, unless you lose it.

    1,000’s Sold!


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  • Freedom Brand Pro Sifter

    The Freedom Brand Pro Sifter was designed for the trapper who wants to be as efficient as possible when making sets. This sifter reduces the time spent constructing a set by making the scooping of dirt and sifting process faster. The two handles, curved scooping surface and heavy duty steel construction make it fast and easy to scoop dirt even in places where the ground in very hard.

    The Freedom Brand Pro Sifter is built to last! It is constructed of 14 gauge steel and 7/8” x 3/8” heavy duty, raised diamond pattern mesh. The raised diamond pattern mesh shreds sod and dirt clumps to speed up the sifting process.


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