Fish Oil / Shellfish Oil / Crawdad Oil

  • Crawdad Oil - pint, half gallon, gallon

    Crawdad oil rendered by a special process to produce a golden liquid top oil with the strongest odor of crawfish. This oil is an exceptional attractor for mink, raccoon, otter, grey fox, coyote, and bobcat. Half a spoonful of this inexpensive oil will last for weeks at a set and will hold up under the heaviest of rains.


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  • Fish Oil - pint, half gal, gallon

    Long lasting odor. Use in formulating your own lures or use straight for attracting many furbearers.


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  • Lobster Oil - 4 oz and pint

    Maine lobsters are known worldwide for their quality meats. The same fresh meats are tinctured in a special base to hold their attractive odors. Testing has shown that water animals such as mink, muskrat, raccoon and otter found this odor irresistible, as did land animals such as fox, coyote, bobcat, marten and fisher.

    One of the testers made this statement, “When you use this lobster essence at a coon set it’s a sure thing you’re going to need your skinning knife.”


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  • Salmon Oil - pint, half gal, gallon

    A high-quality, clear oil imported straight from Alaska. Has a good strong odor of fresh salmon. Extremely attractive to most furbearers. An excellent trailing scent for coon and mink!


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  • Shellfish Oil Pint

    All shellfish oil is not created equal. There’s good and bad. You have my word that this is top of the line quality, at an affordable price.


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