Skinning Tools

  • Murrays E-Z Kut Tail Tool

    Does an excellent job opening tails after bone has been removed. Works from Mink to Coyote. Also works great to split back legs on most furbearers and to field dress deer. For deer, just make a small hole at the brisket and let the E-Z Kut to the rest. Eliminates danger of cutting intestines. E-Z Kut fits the hand very well. Overall length is 6 inches.


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  • Pelt Scraper - AuSable Brand

    Performance American DexSteel 3.25″ Wide Blade – The perfect tool for muskrat, mink and fine tuning larger animals. Easy to use for cutting and pushing membrane and fat from animal hide. Designed for trappers who are looking for efficiency and ease of use when fleshing.

    Made in the USA by Dexter.


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  • Wiebe Pelt Scraper (Flesher)

    Square (for fat and meat) on one edge and sharp (for grisle) on the other. An excellent tool for muskrat and mink. Also very useful for touching up around edges and legs on the bigger critters.

    A well made high quality tool that will last you a lifetime.


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  • Single Handle Fleshing Tool

    Has four cutting edges which can be sharpened differently to suit all types of pelts.

    Curved blade 2″ x 3″.

    Approximately 8″ long.


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  • Small Pelt Flesher

    Commonly used for scraping hog hides, but is excellent for muskrats and mink. Use the small end for the head and edges and the large end for the middle of the pelt.


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  • Tail Slitting Guide

    Aluminum construction to prevent rusting.

    Grooved to assure a straight cut, after the tail bone has been removed.


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  • Tail Stripper - Aluminum

    The last tail stripper you’ll ever need to buy.


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  • Tail Stripper - Heavy Duty (Freedom Brand)

    The steel Heavy Duty Tail Stripper has three openings for versatility in handling various furbearers. 

    This Heavy Duty Tail Stripper is built to last!


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  • Tail Stripper - Plastic

    Two different sized holes to handle any tail from mink to wolf.


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  • Tail Zipper

    Fast and easy way to split tails.


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