• Diamond Knife Sharpener - Dexter Russell

    Smoothest Stroking Action … Sharpest Results

    #100 – Dexter Russell 12″.

    When you want to really sharpen up your knives without expending any effort, sharpen with this easy-to-use, durable and lightweight Diamond Knife Sharpener. Its smooth-as-silk blade is constructed with a tough layer of electroplated nickel on a tubular steel rod and then embedded with microcrystalline industrial diamonds to give your knife a crisp ultra-sharp cutting edge.

    Sharpen up with the one that outlasts and sharpens like no other. Great for shop, skinning shack, or kitchen.


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  • Diamond Knife Sharpener - Wiebe

    The Wiebe 12″ Sharpening Steel is embedded with Diamond particles. It is possibly the best knife sharpener on the market. It breezes through standard skinning knives and handles the hardest high carbon knives out there. In the fur shed, you should not have to “fight the knife.” This tool will make you a more efficient fur handler.

    Great for the shop, skinning shack, or kitchen.


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  • Russell Knurled Butcher Steel

    This magnetized steel is 12″ long. Made from high carbon steel.


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