S-Hooks / S-Hook Tool

  • Mighty Hook

    Ideal for the trapper and snareman. Use for attaching chain to disposable stakes, anchoring or extending a snare. 100’s of uses on the trapline. Tempered 3/16” steel.


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  • S-Hook Heavy Duty

    The number 6 gauge S-Hook is a best seller and it can be used for all animals including coyote.

    This S-Hook is specially designed so that it will fit over 1/2″ rerod without binding.



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  • S-Hook Light Duty

    For light duty applications such as mink and muskrat.



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  • S-Hook Tool

    Every trapper should have one of these for trap repair and modification.

    Opens S-Hooks and Rivets.


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  • S-Hook Tool - Heavy Duty (Red Grip)

    Used to open and close S-Hooks. This tool is bigger than the regular and gives you more leverage to open the S-Hooks. Red grip handles for even better grip.

    14″ long.



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